Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Mint Marble" HP Soap

Here is the pic of  "Mint Marble" a.k.a. The Catmint Experiment of 2010. :)

I'm happy with the soap, but my camera or monitor doesn't pick up the green quite right. It's a rather true green, with purple "veining" from (once again) Alkanet Root Powder.

It smells like spearmint, according to my son.  Lather is bubbly followed by creamy... and it seems to have a cooling effect similar to peppermint.

I may have to do another drawing/giveaway...hmmmm.  Okay, let's do it!   Leave a comment to enter the drawing for a FREE BAR of "Mint Marble".    I'll get my son to draw a winner out of his hat on Tuesday.

I love to do giveaways,  they're so much fun!  Good Luck to all! :)



Deb said...

Ooh ooh ooohh! What does the comment need to be about? How awesome the soap looks? Or how much I want to try hot process? Or that I really like mint?

Hmm...well, I guess that was my comment. :)


Maggie said...

Wow Becky, that's a really nice green! I just want to say how nice these bars look, and whoever gets this one will definitely enjoy it!
I know I'm leaving a comment here, but since I've won the last giveaway (blush), I'll bow out from this one. :)

Michelle Somers said...

The catnip soap looks divine and your making me want to try HP again after abandoning it years ago. It's how I first started making soap (after Melt and Pour) as a friend taught me using this method. I just felt limited by the creativity of it but this soap is very cool looking.

Haley said...

Nice soap, would love to be able to see it in person.

Brenda said...

The colors shown seem unlike what you describe. What a shame as the description sounds so vibrant. Love the idea of green and purple, be great to truly see the coloring.
I understand how the colors may not show well, I have similar troubles with scanning my drawings. There is so much depth and detail that is often missed.

Sounds like a wonderful product, all the best.

thesoapsister said...

Thanks for all your kind comments, ladies!
I discovered (by accident) that if I lean the screen of my laptop back a bit, the color looks like it does in person...much richer than it looks on the screen at my normal angle...I don't know why...

I really like the smell as well as the color of this soap, but I think it may take a few weeks to harden up to the same level of hardess as my other HP soaps (this one had extra H2O from the catmint "tea" that I colored it with.) I keep telling myself that patience is a virtue -if only I had some! :)

Amy Warden said...

These turned out terrific, Becky!! So glad they are truly green! I actually use some cornmint in my peppermint soaps. It just helps round out the scent a bit. Somehow it seems less harsh than peppermint all by itself. Or maybe that's just me!

Amy Warden said...

These turned out really great, Becky!! I'm so glad they are truly green - and hope they stay that way! I actually use some cornmint in my "peppermint" soap - seems to make it a bit less harsh than peppermint by itself. At least that's my opinion! :)

Jennifer said...

Looks beautiful. Never thought of doing "the line" in anything but the recommended cocoa powder... how unimaginative of me! Love the alkanet marble veins... xo Jen