Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Handmade Soap: "Prairie Valentine"

Handmade Soap "Prairie Valentine"

Many of you know I am hopelessly in love with the rustic, eclectic, romantic style commonly known as "Shabby Chic".....so it's really no wonder that I am head-over-heels crazy for these new handmade soap rounds.   

Fragranced with a convincing lilac fragrance that will leave you breathlessly yearning for spring:  "Prairie Valentine"

  I hope you enjoy the photo.   -Happy Valentine's Day!  ~Becky :)


Anne-Marie said...

Your description is just perfect for these eco-chic soaps, they are gorgeous! =)

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks Anne-Marie.....can you guess where I found the wonderful Lilac fragrance oil? Yep, it's Bramble Berry's Lilac -and anything I make with it sells out almost immediately! :)

anything said...

Are those dried flowers and herbs on top? I tried to make it the same way, but they would turn brown, I wonder how did you manage to make them stay so colourful on top. :)

Rachel Newcomer said...

Very Sweet!