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Monday, February 14, 2011

Homemade Soap at Circa Boutique

Having my homemade soap in a lovely retail location never ceases to delight me!  Therefore, I am pleased to introduce such a boutique to you: Circa Boutique, 128 E Main St., Belleville IL 62220

It's  a charming place, owned by an equally charming young woman named Andria Powell.  Everywhere you look in the Circa boutique you'll find unique, high quality items...clothing, handbags, jewelry, including Andria's personal line of jewelry and t-shirts.    I am pleased to have my soap offered among such fantatic items.! :D

[caption id="attachment_1156" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Andria Powell at her Circa Boutique"][/caption]


Next time you're in Belleville, I encourage you to stop in at Circa;  or take a peek now at www.ilovecirca.com :   You'll be glad you did!


Michele said...

Yeah you! How exciting. Look at it sitting there in such a fine boutique. Congrats!

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Michele -it's such a nice place! It will b a very tempting place to go and re-stock soap, I'm afraid! I've already seen quite a few cool things I would love to buy! :D

Jennifer Young said...

Fantastic Becky. So pleased for you!!! Haven't seen you post for a while and was excited to see you back this morning! I love your posts! How is the lavender colour soap settling in? I have finally achieved a colour that I like for my lavender soap as well. When I first take it out of the mould it is a stunning blue... then it fades within 2 days into a grayish purple and then keep getting a little more purple... always with a slight gray tinge... but hey that is what I got and I finally like it. Alkanet & Ratanjot are such mysteries!!!!! xo Jen

thesoapsister said...

Hi Jen! Thanks, I've been busy (as I know you have been as well -yay!) Trying to be a bit more organized and streamline my processes. It seems that if there is a HARD way to so something -well, that's the way I do it! :) I'm so glad that you've achieved a great lavender. I'm quite happy with mine as well...as you said, it always has a bit of a gray cast, but the pink clay seems to have helped with that. Of course it's not the color of true lavender....but as long as it's a nice shade of purple, I'll be content with that. The color has really not changed much from when it was in the mould....perhaps a bit less blue.....I'm wondering if that is because the alkalinity changes as it cures? Don't know. Not motivated enough to research it. So I guess that, too, will remain a mystery! ;)
xo Becky

michaelsuds8 said...

Congratulations Becky!

We can relate to the excitement to having your handcrafted soaps being carried at such a fine establishment. Circa Boutique seems like an ideal fit with your soaps. Nice photo.

I hope it goes really well at Circa Boutique for your soaps!


Yogini said...

That looks really charming, Becky! Beautiful...

Caitlin said...