Sunday, April 18, 2010

Citrus-Honey Handmade Soap

I un-molded my Citrus-Honey soap a while ago and cut it into bars. I like the scent, and it's a very pretty golden color (from the honey). Something that occurs to me that I simply must mention is this: I find that many of my soaps that include honey smell almost edible. Not all that surprising with the Citrus-Honey combination, but I find myself feeling that way about the Lavender-Honey as well....wierd, huh? Has anyone else run across this phenomenon?

Soap that smells good enough to eat? Hmmmm. Maybe that should be my new tagline "Heirloom Soapworks....smells good enough to eat!" -then again, maybe not!

Tomorrow I'm planning a batch of Old Fashioned Lye Soap, (for my poison ivy sufferers) and hopefully a batch of White Grapefruit-Peppermint. I just love that cool feeling that peppermint essential oil adds to a soap. Great for summer!

I will also try to meet up with my goat milk lady and get some fresh milk for a batch of Goat Milk-Honey later this week.

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