Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Humble Soap Making Room

Good Morning Soap Fans! I finished my batch of "Citrus Grove" soap last night after my post. Mmmmmm! The house smelled "like a big grapefruit" according to my Hubby.
( He did, of course, assure me that this was a GOOD thing!)

One of the many benefits of making all natural soap in your home is the lovely aroma when you walk in the door. At least this is what my friends say....unfortunately, I am so accustomed to the fragrance that I don't always notice it. I do notice if I've been gone for a few days, THEN I notice.

I'm always curious (nosy?) regarding soap-room setups. I always wonder "What do other soapers' 'workshops' look like?" I make my soap in my laundry room. (With the exception of heating the oils which is done in the kitchen.) But I always try to imagine where some of the fabulous, lovely soaps I see originated. Weird, huh?

So, having said all that, I thought I would include a photo of my humble soap "laboratory". Now I must also admit that it's rarely as tidy as it looks in this photo. You'll usually see EO bottles and tubs of cocoa butter, shea butter, etc. on the counter, but this is the place where my soap originates.

To all my fellow "curious" souls....enjoy!


Jennifer Young said...

Hello! Like the look of your Blog. Can you tell me, if you use only Essentil Oils and no Fragrance, as I do, what tricks do you have to make Citrus smells stick? I can tell you some of mine... but it is a challenge. Also, I would love to show you my "soap-making" space but it is always such a mess!!! I am travelling right now, but when I get home, if I can get it organized well, I will take some photos for you. I also heat things up in the kitchen, then move to my "lab".... a spare bedroom on the ground floor, but no sink there. So I have to bring it all back into the kitchen for the wash-up. Anyway, I like the look of your soaps. Sometimes when I use honey, the soap gets kind of mushy toward the end of the bar. Do you have any tricks for that? xo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

Hi Jen,Thanks for your post! This blog is so new, and it's really fun to get feedback from a fellow soaper! I feel for you with the walking back and forth thing. Every once in a while I get a bit claustrophobic in my "lab" (it's long and narrow) so I make a batch or two in the kitchen. The I walk back and forth for ingredients...that usually sends me happily back to the laundry room! : )I have the same issues with citrus oils, sometimes. They are there, and then "poof" they're gone. Honey seems to make that worse, which is a bummer, as I love honey in my soaps. I have found they keep a really long long time with honey. Also, I'm experimenting with my new "Citrus Grove" fragrance. White grapefruit seems to be "holding", but the batch is still rather fresh. A mixture of citrus w/something else seems to help, too. I have a Geranium-Citrus that I'm out of right now...those two work well together.I can't wait to see pics of your "laboratory!" Soap On!Becky