Thursday, April 22, 2010

Website Woes

I'm wondering if any of my fellow soap makers create and maintain their own websites, (I'm pretty sure some of you do) and, if so, do you ever feel like you've basically spent your ENTIRE DAY messing with it?

Today was just such a day for me. Yikes! It was just one crazy computer thing after another. Of course they were problems that I caused myself, which makes it that much more aggravating!

I have a batch of my Poison Ivy Lye going now, so there has been at least some soap activity today at HSW!

Oh, and my soap is going to be sold in another shop in Belleville, IL. I should probably let people know this info on my website...hmmmm. I think that little task can wait a few days!

I'll have to post tomorrow...I'm "computered out!"

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