Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slipcover #1

Thought you all might like to see what I did on my day "off" yesterday. Ta-da!

I bought this fabric last fall, repainted our kitchen/greatroom to match (tan and aqua walls.) I then got way too busy around the holidays (didn't see that coming?)and now eight months laterI finally got down to sewing! Better late than never I guess.

I'm pretty happy with it, I think. It's supposed to have some "ties" at the arms, but I'm not sure I would like them. To me this looks sort of "shabby-chic" which is something I like. Casual country living is what we do, so anything that looks "formal" is quite out of place here.

I still have enough fabric (hopefully) to do the couch, although probably not until July. Then I need to do some simple tab-top curtains....with any luck I may just have it all finished by Thanksgiving this year! :)


Jennifer Young said...

You have more creative talents than just soap making? Wow! What else are you holding out on us....? xo Jen

Amy Warden said...

I admit, I love to sew also - but rarely find the time! Great job!! :)