Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Cinnamon Oats Scrub" from Jenora Soaps

Well, so far I've showered twice, washed my hair once, my face twice, shaved my legs with it...I love this soap!  It's "Cinnamon Oats Scrub" by Jenora Soaps and it's fantastic!  This is the photo I took just after my shower this a.m. -just look at the cinnamon and oats!  It smells fabulous, very cinnamon-ey with maybe some clove, I'm not sure. (My husband guessed what kind I used last night when I made him smell my arm, so the scent does linger nicely) You've got to try this one!

Jen, I love the exfoliation!  A good exfoliant always makes me feel like I'm scaring my cellulite! LOL
I guess you could offer it in two levels of exfoliation...I've seen that done before...but I think it's great just as-is.   The lather is really nice, creamy and rich, yet also bubbly.  I am amazed that this soap is PALM FREE!   I think that is such an admirable and responsible way to go.

I'll try the other soaps soon.  I could have this morning, but I had to use this cinnamon one again!
BTW, it has passed my ultimate "no lotion" test that I judge my own soaps by.  My skin feels great, even after shaving, with no that's good soap!

Happy skin, y'all!


Cocobong Soaps said...

Jen makes wonderful soaps, I was one of her lucky receivers as well :)I've always been hesitant to use eos that are known to cause skin irritation, Cinnamon being among one of them ( Clove, too..btw) I totally love cinnamon, it adds such a nice 'warmth' to a scent. I have had some pretty violent skin reactions when I came in contact with cinnamon eo, but then it was directly and undiluted which of course in our soaps is not the case. so I'm just curious to know how you (all) feel about eos in soaps that are possible irritants

Anne-Marie said...

It looks yummy! And the packaging (from the post below) is super cute!

Jennifer Young said...

Hello and thank you again for a lovely post! Wow! I am thrilled that you like it as is. Thank you so much Becky. There is also a hint of clove and also Anis EO! All to keep it sweet. I have not had skin irritation with this soap but I would be interested to hear about other experiences with Cinnamon EO? I wouldn't want to cause harm.... xo Jen