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Friday, September 10, 2010

It's time to play "Name that Soap!"

Well, I've done it again: feeling rather "artsy" today, and now I have a great smelling lemongrass HP soap and I have no idea what to call it.

I'm also not sure I like the tops...they may have to get chopped off.

So, here's what I need from my soapin' peeps.  1) Name Suggestions.  2) Your opinion whether I should chop the tops or leave 'em alone.

The incentive for you to offer you suggestions?  A GIVEAWAY, of course! ;)  Nothin' like a little soap stakes to make it interesting, eh?   The prize?  A free bar of my soap -any kind, you pick the variety.   Thanks for your help, folks -I'm really stumped on this one! :)


Jade Smith said...

Citroen fresh lemongrass

Carrie said...

What about 'Lemon Marble' since it looks marblized?! I like the tops - natural is natural, right?! : )

cocobong said...

Beautiful soap, Becky!
- Chop tops off, but just enough to polish that marble structure
- Lemon Marble/Lemoncello(Limoncello)/Sapone Limone

I guess I'm getting off on the marble veins that make me think of those outrageous villas in Italy, with marble staircases, floors, etc. Perfected elegance. Also, I saw a documentary just yesterday on Palermo and learned that Sicily is so very famous for its aromatic lemons. There are lemon trees all over and in every garden, just too beautiful! But then, lemongrass is part of Thai cuisine so I could go down that road as well. But..it's the marble look that is dominating this piece of art..at least seen from this side of the screen.
(ramble ramble)

Jennifer said...

Hi Becky, I would also say chop tops slightly and as for names - how can I POSSIBLY do any better than Cocobong? Wow. Lemon Marble is perrrrfect. Love Limone Sapone as well - Wow! I was thinking of Lemon Crackle, Lighting Lemon or Lemon Heaven.... but I thing Cocobong has already outdone me! Looking gorgeous. Like the look of the size as well. xo Jen

Jan said...

Hi Becky, another beautiful soap:) I saw your post this morning and have been trying to think up a good name and it's just come to me. I think Tiger Eye would really suit it, as I agree with the other ladies it reminds me of stone and the Tiger Eye gemstone has the yellow, black, brown variations in it. But Cocobong's Lemon Marble is really good too.

Maggie said...

What a beautiful marbled texture! I think I'd like to see the top chopped off too to complete that smooth marble theme. As for names.... How about .. Autumn Tree? The brown marbles remind me of tree branches and the golden yellow is just like those maple trees when they turn golden.

Lilli said...

As soon as I saw it I thought of tigers so how about Tiger Trail? And I'd leave the tops on, they add something earthy to the soap - love it!

Atenea said...

Que tal "Queso Roquefort Amarillo". "Roquefort al Limón". "Limones del Mediterraneo". "Burbujas de Limón" . "Marmol de Limoncello". Dependiendo del nombre, le puedes cortar la parte de arriba o no. Besos.

Michelle & Caron Somers said...

Lemon Dream or Lemon Cloud and I like the tops of the soap.

Michele said...

"Hi Becky, I can’t find a way to easily follow other blogs except for Blogspot… so kind of bummed you are switching… but your photos look great on this one – bigger, more intense! Will you still be maintaining and adding to your blogspot blog or is this the official new one? xo Jen"

Hi Becky,

I believe that if Jen is a Blogspot blogger and wants to follow your Wordpress blog she can still do that by switching out the Blogspot url with the Wordpress url. She just needs to go to her blogspot dashboard to her reading list and add your wordpress url.

I may be confused with the question but, I am thinking she is asking how she can see the new blog updates when you make a new entry right?

Amy Bourne said...

Italian Lemontine, along the marble lines (like travertine- I guess if I have to explain too much it may not be the best name) and I vote for chopping the tops. I like Lightning Lemon a lot, too. Nice soap!