Monday, October 25, 2010

Soap Swap Joy!

Cocobong and I have done a "soap swap".  (I'm sorry dear C'bong, but I'm afraid you got the short end of the stick in this swap business!).  I must say that her Sandalwood Vanilla smells F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.  Productivity is down here as a result...I'm sniffing this soap like some sort of a Sandalwood Addict!  Help!  I've had it lying on my kitchen counter for the last week: my Hubby loves it, my mother-in-law loves it,  father-in-law loves it....everyone loves it!  If I ever stopped sniffing and came to my senses, maybe I'd be jealous? ;)   But I digress... 

I chose C'bong's Sandalwood Vanilla, because to my knowledge, I had never smelled sandalwood before, (but indeed I had -just didn't know it's name) and because I had received several requests for a sandalwood soap.   I was curious: "What's all the hubbub with sandalwood, anyway?  Now I know!

(BTW, I checked into sandalwood EO several times, but the cost was WAY prohibitive I figured the retail price of a bar of said soap would have to be $30.00. -LOL! )  

You may know that I'm living under a self-imposed "no fragrance oil" rule at present, but I'm thinking that in the case of Sandalwood Vanilla,  I'm going to have to make an exception.  It's that good! 

The soap's lather is rich and creamy, and of course it's very conditioning  (obviously a premium quality, well-crafted bar) but I can barely appreciate these qualities -I'm too busy enjoying the fragrance.  "Snap out of it, Becky!"   "Oh, o.k.,  thanks, I guess I needed that....sorry, was I gushing?"  "Yes, knock it off already!"  "o.k."

Moving along:  I haven't gotten to Cocobong's second soap yet (which smells great even through the wrapper) because I am so taken with the Sandalwood Vanilla.    I'll probably wait until either my infatuation with Sandalwood Vanilla subsides,(if it does) or until I use it up!

Thanks Cocobong, this is truly the best fragrance I've smelled in a long time! :)


Courtney Beard said...

Wish I could smell through the screen! I follow Cocobong blog as well and there is an awful lot of fantastic coming out of that shop!! :) Yours too Becky!

Michele said...

Sigh! Oh and thanks Becky for the very nice blog post. :)

Maggie said...

Wow.. Is that name actually "written" on the soap? Gorgeous!

Jan said...

Oh yum! sounds wonderful Becky, I love Sandalwood and Vanilla. How clever is Cocobong with that name? looks great!

Jennifer said...

I have had the privilege of enjoying Cocobongs soaps as well... and I hope you picked one of her Sheep Milk soaps because they are DEVINE. xo Jen