Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Gee, Your House Smells Terrific!"

One of the great perks of soapmaking, in my opinion, is the way your house smells..."clean" (even when it isn't particularly so), "fresh" (when the windows haven't been open in days) cozy, warm, name it.

I'm sure my fellow home-soapers receive these compliments often when guests arrive:

"Wow, your house always smells so good!"

"Mmmmm, I smell soap!"

"Mmmmm, it smells so good in here!"

It's nice that people enjoy the way our homes smell, isn't it? A lovely-smelling home is so inviting.

Unfortunately, I typically don't notice the lovely aroma unless I've been away for a few days. (The same way you can't smell your favorite perfume when you wear it every day.) I just happily take my guest's word for it.

Today I was able to catch a whiff of the "wonderful". I had whipped up a batch of Oatmeal-Honey-Almond w/Goats Milk, and the laundry room was an almond paradise that even I could appreciate! Mmmmmm.
"Wow, it smells really good in here!" ;)

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