Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lord, I want to be a moon too!

Don't you love "finding" a "new" blog that seems to resonate with your soul?  I know I do.  I find such gems in their archived posts...hey, didn't I already talk about "gems" this week? 

I am fortunate indeed to have been surrounded with "moons" all my life...many women, some men, -what a blessing these moons have been to me (and many others, I'm quite sure!) -reflecting the love of Jesus into my life.  Growing up I didn't appreciate them as I should have, and didn't realize that not everyone grew up in such company.  That makes me feel sad.   

The "moons" probably don't realize how much light they reflect, but those of us who feel the Lord's light reflected off of these loving "moons" sure do.  My question for you today is:

How many moons are you fortunate enough to have orbiting & reflecting God's love onto the "planet" of you?  I hope that you're basking in a REALLY big glow today! :)

Thank you Jennifer, for the post I so enjoyed!

 Lord, can I be a moon, too, please?   

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