Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blatant Self-Promotion + Encouragement

O.K, so I know there's a fine line between salesmanship and bragadociousness, and perhaps in this post I'm stepping over that line -if so, please forgive me. 

That having been said, I'm so excited about a review that was done about my soap!  Sarah at the Bennyville Blog  was kind enough to photograph and review three of my soaps (which she won in a giveaway done by Joanna at The Soap Bar.)

My fellow soapers out there know how encouraging it is to have others love their soaps, so I wanted to share this with all you and encourage you in this:

 "You never know when someone will surprise you with kind words about your work -out of the blue!" 

Hang in there -the handmade soap that you lovingly create is worthwhile, too, and I hope that you receive just the encouragement you need -just when you need it most!  

Here's the link http://bennyvillelove.blogspot.com/2010/11/soapbar-and-heirloom-soaps.html and thanks again Sarah for your kind words! :D

Happy Soaping, folks!  ~Becky


Larissa said...

Congrats, that's a great feature!

Michele said...

Oh, you know you rock! Great blog post and beautiful pictures. What a lucky girl you are to have someone speak so highly of your soap :) Great job!

Sarah Sapang said...

omg! Becky you're so cute! I had no idea that my little ol' blog could make such an impact. I'm so happy I made someone else happy! Have a beautiful weekend! :D