Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yesterday, the "Good"... Today? The "Bad" and the "Ugly"

I don't know why it's so hard to admit that a batch of soap is "doo doo"?   Maybe it's the way we, in my family, were raised..."Use it up, wear it out, make it 'do', or do without."  (My parents were raised during the Great Depression -BELIEVE ME: "Re-Use and Recycle" are NOT new ideas!)  At any rate, I think that's why I find it almost impossible to throw any handmade soap out. 

Case in point:   The Christmas Tree debacle of 2010 -quite possibly my biggest "flop" of the year (debatable, though)   Here's the deal, I over stirred (soap is too light and "whippy")  which, I think, has caused it to remain "soft" (ick!)  The color is just "o.k.", without the red dots the whole project seems anemic to me....blech!  Just take a look and see for yourself: 


So there you have it -a picture paints a thousand words, they say.... Thoughts of  faith are interrupting my rambling today...I'm getting something here, I think.   You know, I'm like that broken, cracked-from-the-fall soap.  We all are,  according  to  Rom. 3:23.   I'm not perfect, I've made bad choices, I haven't turned out as I had planned, (in truth, I'm broken) but here's the deal:  I want to be useful anyway...I want God to use me anyway...I know He can....I know he used/uses we broken ones all the time to tell of Christ's love and redemption.  He came for me, for you, for "broken ones", you know, because I can no more make myself right than my pitiful green soap can fix itself.   But God, through Jesus, is the Great Re-Batcher!  I've read about it.  And I've seen it.  And I love it -it gives me hope!  Melt me down, Lord, and make me new!

Does my soap have to be perfect in order to be used? Naaaah.  I'll be showering with this ugly green soap 'til July! LOL!  Must we be perfect to be used? Nahhhh.  The Lord will be re-batchin' this ol' soap-maker 'til the day she dies! (Thank You, Jesus!)

Happy Soapin' folks!


Courtney Beard said...

Thank you for this lovely post! Very uplifting and a good reminder that re-batching isn't a bad thing. Especially when it God's work and we are the humble medium!

Jan said...

Hey there Soap Sister:) I know I've told you before that I love your posts because they always, well nearly always, bring a smile to my face, I was nearly to the end of this post, (which I must add loved as I usually do) and thought well, this is a more serious side to Becky, but then it came, the smile that is, you have a wonderful gift Becky and besides, don't the best things always come from broken or rebatched things, that's when God does his very best work:) I bet that soap feels really good!

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Courtney, I'm glad you found the post uplifting. I would hate to think where I would be without "re-batching"...and I don't just mean with my soap! ;)

Have a lovely day, dearie! ~Becky

thesoapsister said...

Hi Jan,

Wow, so glad to bring a smile to you, Jan. You know how sometimes you get "the nudge" to say or write something, and you "fight it" or even funnier "argue" with it? (At least I usually fight and resist... LOL! AS IF! ) Well that's what you read in the above post, not 100% my material, you fingers hitting the keys, and yet.... I'm hoping that after a few more "re-batchings" I won't "argue" as much? Hmmmm....a girl can dream, right? :)

Happy soapin', Sister!

Maggie said...

Oh rebatching, a soap maker's best friend! That's another thing I love about soap making, no matter how "bad" the soap turns out, you'll always end up with a nice bar of soap to use!

Michelle said...

That was a great post. I too never like to throw soap out and I never have. I've been able to rebatch everything I've made that has turned out as I had planned. You can always use the soap as imbeds in another soap too like: cubes, shreds, balls etc.

Martie-a soap sister sister said...

Now I know how David's brothers felt when they got passed up for king; and Joseph's less-loved siblings (heavy sigh). How does the youngest in the family come out with spiritual insights like this? I'm telling you loyal readers, she shot past me on the Christian walk in a cloud of dust, with her arms full of resources, dangling a water bottle.......I think I can see her up ahead at the ATM if I squint!
You move me to tears, Beck. Your witness inspires me to swear less and pray more! Of course it's true, those forgiven most appreciate it most--but still so surprising when the Father uses a leaky, worn, cracked pot (she soaps, I landscape...) If we are silent (which I rarely am), the very rocks will cry out (haven't heard them yet, poor things, they can't get a word in edgewise!)---speak on, washed in the blood ( and a little soap) Sister!! Love, M