Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our House today: Jesse Tree & Music

We finally located our Jesse Tree & have started the daily devotional countdown to Christmas.  I hadn't heard of a Jesse Tree until around 2006 which was when we adopted the tradition at our house.  I found the ornament patterns online, printed them out & my son and I colored, cut and assembled them that first year.  There are some great resources online if you would like to look into this activity.  Here's a link to the one we used:   Using our Jesse Tree has helped our whole family stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas, and for that reason I highly recommend checking into one.

I love hearing specific songs by specific artists, especially at Christmas, and I just love YouTube for finding them.   YouTube's like a microcosm of life, isn't it?    The beautiful, lovely and positive -woven in with garbage.  (Nothing new, just tares with the wheat.)    I appreciate the selection of fabulous music one finds there, though.  Just check out the three lovelies I just found today:

I'm a fool for the violin:

 A great rendition of one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs:

And for some GREAT harmonies, you must hear this one:

So that's what's going on soap today!  Happy Sunday.  Back to work tomorrow. :D

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