Saturday, December 11, 2010

There's a "Soap Star" in Texas...

...and her name is Michele! 

A while back I won three lovely bars of natural handmade soap in a contest by Michele at Tierra Verde Soaps.  Not only is Michele a real sweet & helpful 'gal, she's also a "star" in my book.  Not a Lone Star, though she's from Texas,nor a shooting star but a Soap Star.   (Although they do tend to "carry" , or "pack heat" in TX, you never know, 'Chele could be packin' -maybe she's like me and likes to pop a cap in a target once in a while...but I digress, and LOL!)  But take a look at what I got to try:

The first soap I tried was "Oatmeal, Milk & Honey", and I must say it is a wonderful soap.  Fragrance free, mild, and with a creamy -silky lather that passed my left-leg-right-leg  shave test with flying colors.  (And I compared it to the best I've got.)  This one would be a great "everyday" soap, meaning that you could use it every day and I don't think you would ever tire of it.

Next I tried the Oamilk & Almond.  Another lovely soap with finely ground almonds that gently exfoliates without being "too much", if you know what I mean.   It's a very conditioning soap, too;  and a hard, long-lasting bar.  Again, this is a soap that holds its own without any "foo-foo" -no fragrance or colorants to potentially irritate sensitive skin, just a mild & moisturizing bar that will surely develop a cult following if it hasn't done so already.

I'm still looking forward to trying her "Star Anise" bar.   It's so pretty and smells so nice on my counter that I hate to use it up!  But one of these days I'll give in to temptation and remove that pretty brown ribbon and lather up....

Oh, and if you haven't visited Michele's website, you really should check it out: 

Happy Soapin' y'all, and Michele, I thank you again for your lovely prize! :D


Michele said...

Hey there Becky - Wow! what a fun review. Thanks so much for all the kind words. I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your gift basket - it was a fun giveaway.

Michele said...

"Not a Lone Star, though she’s from Texas,nor a shooting star but a Soap Star. (Although they do tend to “carry” , or “pack heat” in TX, you never know, ’Chele could be packin’ -maybe she’s like me and likes to pop a cap in a target once in a while…but I digress, and LOL!)"

Let's just say deer and birds need not fear me. I can only hit the broad side of a barn. lol!

thesoapsister said...

Heh heh heh! I'm not a bad shot, but critters with fur need not worry -I could never shoot one. I do like shootin' tin cans at the creek (though I haven't done that for a while) and targets. My Hubby has taken me turkey hunting...but no shots fired....yet... Oh, and I hit a clay "bird" once... (only once) -it still counts....uh huh...yep, it does. :D