Friday, December 10, 2010

"Fresh Mown Hay" & "Sunshine Spice"

Hello Soap Fans!

I hope to get some of my new soaps in the shop today, in addition to filling orders for soaps and gift baskets....and of course, making soap -musn't forget that!

Here are a couple of my newest favorites:

"Fresh Mown Hay" - fresh and grassy, with the nostril-twanging scent of a fresh mown field in mid summer.  A lovely change from the heavy, sweet fragrances that abound this time of year!  100% natural, with finely-ground oatmeal for gentle exfoliation.  Rich with the "tropical triplets": shea, mango & cocoa butters to moisturize skin (it is winter, after al!l)  Big bars (approx. 5 oz.) should be in my Soap Shoppe online this afternoon...

My next newbie is "Sunshine Spice".  I bought this lovely essential oil blend from Essential Oil University.  They're a wonderful resource for those of us who want to stick with 100% natural fragrances.  (Yes, I occasionally do special orders & personal batches for family & friends (and self) using FOs, but I'm a big believer in the benefits of essential oils and only 100% natural soaps make my website) But I digress....the folks at EO university are so nice to deal with, and I have found their products to be very high quality.  You may want to check them out.

Sunshine Spice is a lovely citrus scent that holds well in CP soap, and is accented with a cinnamon-ey middle note that is just marvelous.  I just have a feeling that this one is going to go over really well with customers.  Again, a nice break from the heavy sweet smells that abound this time of year.  I've superfatted this soap with shea, mango & cocoa; and added pure brown sugar as an accent.  I like the 3D effect....makes me think of the surface of a planet...hmmmm

Here's the photo; should be in the Soap Shoppe later today!

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