Thursday, December 2, 2010

To catch up:

Wow!  It's been a busy two weeks since my last post!  Thanksgiving was lovely,  so nice to get together with family!  I've been busy with a few things:

1.  Moved my curing/labeling operation to a new, bigger, designated location  -I love that it's away from household distractions such as laundry, cleaning, etc.  Here's "Carol Marol" now, showing off the new space:

LOL!  And then, my latest project, a new soap line: SugarBaby Soaps.  I've been percolating, formulating and testing baby-type soaps for some time, and have finally gotten the packaging finalized (huh?  me?) and the soaps photographed & up on the ol' website.  Oh, and here's Carole again, showing off one of the soaps:

Hmmmm......Carole looks just a bit too happy.....has she been nipping at the leftover vino from Thanksgiving?  Really to be so enthusiastic about a bar of soap?!  Snap out of it, Carole!  He-looooo!  Don't you have something better to do??

Ahem!  Lastly, here's the up-close & poorly lit photo of the package (yes, I'll be re-doing this photo...hopefully tomorrow -but you get the idea):

So there it is in a nutshell.  What's been keepin' me busy for the last two weeks.  I've had more orders than usual -just another reason to be thankful!

Thanks to my son for so aptly capturing Carole on film....she's usually a bit camera shy....:D 

Happy Soapin' y'all!


Jennifer Young said...

Ooooopssss..... I thought this was you! Is this your sister? She looks just like you! Nice to hear you are enjoying new space. I can't see the baby soap packaging too well but the card label looks awesome! xo Jen

thesoapsister said...

Hi Jen, Yes that really is me....pretending to be Carole Marole (sp?) -you're probably too young to remember her...and Monty Hall....and the "Let's Make a Deal" show. It was a crazy American game show (in the mid '60's -yes I really was a child when I watched it) where people in the audience would dress up in wacky outfits to be chosen to play and win big honkin' prizes. Anyway, Monty would always say "Would you like to see what's behind door number one, which Carole Marole is showing you?" She would swoop her hands all around and "show" the merchandise (hence my silly poses.)
I was just REALLY feeling silly yesterday, and had my son snap a few crazy photos to liven up the blog a bit -I don't want to bore and blah-blah-blah anyone....
Thanks for the compliment -you're so sweet. ( I actually had makeup on yesterday as I was volunteering school and didn't want to frighten the children! LOL! :D )

Jan said...

Oh, now I get it LOL, you had me going too, I thought that pretty lady must have been your sister:) love the baby soap name and the label looks fantasic!

thesoapsister said...

My best friend Teresa (who's even older than me -GASP!) didn't remember Carole Marole either....she said "Beck, you should've said Vanna, then everyone would get it!" Where the heck was she when I needed that suggestion??? Heh Heh! We'll just see if she reads this! :)

cocobong said...

now I feel old! Nay for Vanna, Yay for Carole! Sweet memories, Beckster..thank you for that. What a silly show it was. Seriously tho, from here you look too young to remember that oldtimer

Michele said...

Hey Becky, I was wondering what was up. I was fixing to send out a search party to look for you. : ) Great to see you back.

I remember Monty Hall and "Let's Make A Deal" but, I didn't know who Carol Marole was and you do look fab.