Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Treat your Feet to some Heel "Candy"!

I've been developing/testing this product for a few months, and it's finally in stock and listed in my shoppe.  The feedback from my testers has been 100% positive -they truly love what it does for their rough, dry heels!  It's 100% natural & fragranced/enriched with essential oils. 

[caption id="attachment_831" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Heel "Candy by Heirloom Soapworks"][/caption]

 I've obviously wrapped these for Christmas, but the normal wrapper is my black & white floral tissue with labels done in pink, black & white.  These make perfect stocking stuffers for just about everyone!

Note the "external use only" notation....wasn't it Amy Warden who had a lady eat some product at a craft fair?  LOL!  You just never know, right?   ~Becky


Jennifer Young said...

Love these! Love the packaging! I think these will be a huge hit!

Jan said...

They look great Becky! sure to be popular at Christmas wrapped like this, very festive! I take it they are like a body butter? do you use them just one time?

thesoapsister said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks Jan! Actually, they're more of a solid lotion bar....I think that's what they're called....my brain is toast after a really busy day (and driving home in the freezing rain.) I would extimate that they would last maybe a month or more assuming you put it on your heels at bedtime. I guess I need to use one daily and get a more exact answer....my heels could sure use it! :)

Amy Warden said...

Yep it was! I was just telling that story again last night, actually - to my younger daughter who wasn't actually there. You've got a great idea for a product! Hope you sell lots!

thesoapsister said...

LOL! That was *the funniest* craft fair story I've heard! Aren't people a *hoot? *I can think of a couple older ladies I know who might do the same, and the *best part* to me is their "Oh well" kind of attitude....absolutely unflappable. That's one of the things I would like to be when I grow up: "unflappable"! Thanks for that story Amy -it still makes me chuckle!