Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You might be a "Redneck Soaper" if....

Your "Soapin' Machine" used to be a sewin' machine!

This was just too funny and too "me" not to share with my soap-lovin' buds!

I had some time to myself last Saturday....and my mind was percolating away.  Necessity (and cheapness) being the "mother of invention"  I set out to up my production without investing in  
expensive equipment.  Here's what I came up with:


When company comes, I'll move the weights! LOL!

Just an old sewing machine I picked up years ago for $10 at a garage sale.  I removed
the machine (sorry old Kenmore) and dragged it up from the basement.



At least I didn't use duct tape!

Using the sewing machine's handy cord-storage bracket, I secured one of my Hubby's cordless drills.

Then the trigger was zip-tied in the "on position".  (I think Jeff Foxworthy needs to see this! LOL!)



Add a paint mixer and prop that bucket up to the right height and ta-da!



So there you have it!  Works like a charm and folds up to look like a piece of furniture when

not in use!  Now you know.   If there was ever a doubt, it's gone now... I am a Redneck Soaper!


Dawn said...

Too funny! A girl after my own heart =). ~Dawn

Unknown said...

That's hilarious - but hey, whatever makes life easier! :)