Friday, May 27, 2011

"Bubble Head" -A Shampoo Bar Attempt

Well, it's in the molds  -my first official attempt at a shampoo bar!  I've been asked several times in recent weeks if I make a "Shampoo Bar" -and I had to answer "No, but I've been thinking about it". 

Thinking even more lately of shampoo bars, as I've watched Michele (Tierra Verde Soaps) and Amy (Great Cakes Soapworks) conduct their wonderfully captivating day-by-day hair experiments (until I couldn't stand it anymore & had to join them!) 

Then the Soap Meister herself, my sweet & generous German soaping buddy Cocobong was kind enough to post her proven Shampoo Bar Recipe.....everything seemed to be pushing me to DO SOMETHIN' ALREADY!

So, today, after sifting through much info on essential oils, base oils, nutrients, blah-blah-blah I finally got busy.  Now you know I'm a tweaker, and I hope I didn't inadvertantly goof up C'bong's recipe, but only time will tell.

 I stuck with the basic base oil proportions....with one extra superfatting since I have dry hair......oh, and some EO's that are good for normal-to-dry hair & promote hair growth.....some beer....and some super-secret nutrients for good measure....(now is where you need to hear me laughing the "Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha" Mad Scientist Laugh! :)

It looks more golden and less yellow in real life -but I didn't want to risk tripping with a mold full of wet soap going outside to get a proper (flash-free)photo.  I'll take better ones after it comes out of the molds...

Oh, and Day 6 hair looks pretty much like day 5....I'm getting used to this.....I think I could become a Shampoo Bar Convert 100%!



Jennifer Young said...

Sounds wonderful! Now - how to wait the cure time...??? I will be interested to hear about the higher superfat in a shampoo bar. I am rather suspicious about it... as I have been experimenting with SF in my shampoo bars and brought it down to 4% - 4.5%. I find with a higher SF, my hair goes greasy. Even at 5%, I need to wash my hair more because it goes greasy. So, as soon as yours it ready, let us know how it goes!!!! xo Jen

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks Jen, I guess only time will tell if it works well or not. This batch is a tad bit soft (probably the Castor Oil....I read in the S.M.C book that it's SAP value is can throw you -maybe I had better re-read! LOL!) I hope to get it out of the mold and cut in the next day or so....I'll post the pics when I do.

Superfatting -that's a mystery to me. My highlights must have totally fried/dried my hair, because a 10%+ superfatted soap doesn't make my hair greasy or heavy at all! I'm thinking of reducing the vinegar % in my spray bottle....I'm guessing it's still too high.

I wonder how much different this would all be going if my hair wasn't highlighted? (We'll probably never know -LOL!) I rubbed some aloe butter through it as a "conditioner" last night and rinsed it out as best I could. Hopefully we'll see more shine/less dry after I wash it today!

Can't wait to see the Shampoo Bars from Spain, Kansas & The Lone Star State -I'm expecting BIG things! :D