Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Lilly of the Valley

We're expecting a frost here tonight, and my Lilly of the Valley plants have just started to bloom.....These are such sentimental plants....originally from my Grandma's yard, Mom got her plants there....then to my sisters' yards, and from my sisters to me....passed down like precious faith through our family.

I decided to save these sweet smelling blossoms -rescue them from certain demise. As I was snipping I recalled that Jesus is referred to as the "Lilly of the Valley"......and the old gospel tune came to mind. Snipping away and humming happily it occurred to me how good it felt to "rescue" these beautiful blossoms, (albeit only temporarily) and bring them into my house. I felt, very powerfully for a few moments, just like one of those rescued fortunate to be plucked from impending doom....oh I just love when He reveals Himself in the day-to-day things! :)

Here's a link to "The Lilly of the Valley" sung by Willie Nelson -love it!

 "The Lilly of the Valley" -Willie Nelson on YouTube


p.s. If only I could buy Lilly of the Valley essential oil!

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