Monday, January 23, 2012

"Natural", "All Natural"...what do they mean to YOU?

Do you ever wonder about things as you're soaping?  Driving perhaps?  Waiting in line?

Well, I do.  A lot.  And today I'm wondering what does "natural" on a label mean to you, as a consumer?

What about "all natural"?  What does that mean to you when you are buying something with that term on the package?

What are your expectations with regard to ingredients?

Do you truly care, or does it just make you feel vaguely better to see it on the pkg?  No wrong answers here....just wanting to understand buyers a little better.

I'm curious as to what these mean to the product's end user, because after all, that's the meaning that matters.  IMO that's the one who should absolutely get what they think they're getting.

So, again, Mr/Ms Consumer....what do "natural" and "all natural" mean to you? 

Anxiously awaiting clarification to ease my least for the moment!

Happy Soaping! :)




Cocobong Soaps said...

Since "Natural" can mean anything and nothing, and since it runs as freely as turning on the water faucet...I read labels real careful, so if I can recognize stuff and at least 70% of the ingredients are natural in terms of not from the chem lab, then I'm bought

Unknown said...

To me natural means there are no synthetics of any kind, ie. natural colourants, natural oils, natural scents. Personally, I love FO's in soaps so I don't care if a soap has those and I also don't mind synthetic colours. I do look at ingredients though when something says all natural and look closely to see if it really is all natural. My customers have so many variations of what natural is so it's hard to define it in one way specifically. It also boils down to scent, if a natual product doesn't smell pleasant to me I don't buy it. If it's too expensive I don't buy it.

From what I've seen that you make your products are all natural.