Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Soap Colorant Questions:

Up 'til now I've colored my soaps with only clays and alkanet root.  I'm wanting to try oxides and/or micas, but I don't really know where to start.

Is there a clear advantage of one or the other in CP soap?

I'm wanting to try a blue for sure (I was looking at Brambleberry's 1982, but it's out of stock at the moment), pink, green and maybe even purple are of interest to me as well.  Does anyone have any specific suggestions?  I've noticed that some say that they don't work well in CP, which is what I'll be using them in.

Suggestions of what you've used with good results in CP soap would be GREATLY appreciated! 

Happy Soaping Everyone! :)


Holly said...

Here are my faves for colorants...
ultramarine blue
ultramarine violet
ultramarine pink
chromium green oxide
hydrated chrome green
red oxide
yellow oxide

From TKB:
Paris pink matte tone
Yellow and green micas - I like the brighter tones as opposed to earth tones sometimes. The pop micas were so good but they no longer carry them.

I hope that helps!

Traci R said...

I'm a big fan of micas. I purchase most of them from The Conservatorie. Hyper blue is so pretty in CP.

Anonymous said...

I've not had much luck with micas in cp soap so prefer all the ultramarines/oxides, although the yellow can be a bit earthy if you use too much. I now use a lot of liquid colours as you can get some lovely bright colours.

I am thinking of going the opposite way to you and trying natural colourants (as well as the above). I've tried green clay and like the shade quite a lot when I used a cucumber fragrance.


The Soap Sister said...

Thank you all, and thanks to those who emailed suggestions, too! I think I'm going to try a couple of each: ultramarines, oxides and micas. I'm excited to work with something new. Wish me luck! :)