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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Natural Handmade Soap "Mosaic Mint"

Handmade Soap, just-cut, Limited Edition "Mint Mosaic" 99.5% natural soap, with the fresh cooling essential oils of peppermint, cornmint & spearmint.

I've seen other soap ladies use "pieces" from previous batches as imbeds; Jen @Naturalmente Mediterraneo and AYU @ Tokyo Factory come to mind immediately.  This is only my second batch done this way, but I'm happy with the result!  For some reason the pics all turned out a bit "fuzzy"...not sure why, but after many attempts and much gnashing of teeth I have given up for today!

Only 14 bars -ready to ship 8-22-12. Pre-orders accepted. To reserve your bar(s) -please email becky@heirloomsoapworks.com


Jennifer Young said...

these look and sound lovely!! What would you say cornmint adds to the scent? I have never tried it... Don't see any fuzzy... the photo looks great!! xo Jen

Sonja said...


The Soap Sister said...

Hi Jen, To me it's very similar to peppermint in scent, but I find that a combination of mint oils tends to "hold" better in my soap recipe. If I use straight peppermint, for instance, it seems to fade on me. :)

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks Sonja, It was fun to make! :)

Anne-Marie said...

It's absolutely lovely! I love how the red embeds makes the soap just pop! =)

TK said...

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Michelle Somers said...

This looks lovely.