Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heirloom Soapworks, St. Louis Metro East’s first full-service Handmade Soap Store

We are so excited about the upcoming Grand Opening of Heirloom Soapworks Handmade Soap Shop in beautiful downtown Lebanon, IL.  happening August 31, 2013.  Our shop is unique in that it is  the FIRST full-service handmade soap store/studio in the St. Louis Metro East Area!  tiadaghton sandwich signYou can find us at 111 W. St. Louis Street.

Now you don’t have to travel far  to shop in person for amazing handmade natural soap, natural lotions, aluminum-free natural deodorant, decadent bath bombs and other delightful handmade bath products -we’re just “a hop-skip-and-a-jump” from Downtown St. Louis, practically in your own back yard!

My dear Hubby built some really nice displays, a work counter/cabinet, a bathtub soap display -I’m talking about some seriously AWESOME stuff!  I am so blessed to have his support, and I can’t wait for you all to see his handiwork in person!

tiadaghton house color
Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping busy making handmade soap, natural lotions, bath bombs, scrubs and wax melts for the store, as well as devoting quite a bit of time to decorating (just hung a few of my collection of vintage soap ads today.)  All done with you all (our valued soap fans) in mind -not only do we want to bring you the best in handmade soap and bath products, we want to create a unique shopping experience for you to enjoy.

Keeping the inside a secret for now, but will publish some pics of our shop in Sept. ;)

Just 17 more days until the Heirloom Soapworks doors open to the public.

Looking forward to Grand Opening, and we hope to see you then! ~Becky


Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I am OVER the moon happy for you. What an AMAZING building too! Best of LUCK TO YOU!!!

Jennifer Young said...

Soooooo excited for you Becky!! And soooo wish i could be there on your opening day. Opening day is such a wonderful, memorable experience... it is like another wonderful step in this awesome dreams of ours!! Can't wait to see photos!!! Curious - what does "full-service" mean? xoxoxo Jen

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Michele, Thank you so much -it's truly a dream come true. I feel so blessed, and hope that I do a good job & help lots of folks with handmade goodies!

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Jen, Thanks, and I wish you could be here too!! I would drive you nuts asking for advice, though! ;) You have successfully blazed the trail....and in such a beautiful place. Southern Illinois isn't nearly as exotic, but everybody has to wash, right? It truly is a dream come true, isn't it? Oh, and "full service" is meant to differentiate my shop from shops that just "do" soap/bath stuff as a sideline....we'll have a pretty extensive line of products as well as happily doing custom soap orders. I think maybe I made that term up, but that's what I meant by it! LOL

Jennifer Young said...

Thanks for the explanation Becky. Can't wait to hear all about it. If you want to have a skype session and ask anything at all, let me know, but I am sure it will all turn out exactly as it should and you will feel so proud. Two of the proudest days of my life - the day I recoreded a CD (the recording studio day was a gift from a friend), of my original songs... and my voice is okay, the guitar sounds pretty good, some of the songs are better than others, and it is just for friends and family, but I felt more proud doing accomplishing that, then I did when I graduated from University... And opening day of my shop is the other Proud day. I made a dream become reality - making a living doing what I love most. You are also doing this and I absolutely love following your adventure. Can't WAIT to see photos. xo Jen