Friday, February 14, 2014

Handmade Natural soap -St. Louis Style!

Handmade Natural Soap is selling well in our Lebanon, IL shop -just about 20mi. from downtown St. Louis, MO.

We have added quite a few new handmade soap and bath products since our grand opening last Fall: natural paraben-free lotions, natural body mists, fantastic-smelling bath grains, natural deodorants and more!

The pictures below offer a glimpse of the shop and products.   I am feeling truly blessed with the opportunity to offer my products in my own little retail setting -pinching myself occasionally to make sure it's all real.

Thank You to all who are enjoying our soap and bath products and supporting our small business!   We are planning lots of new goodies coming for Spring 2014 including hands-on Soapmaking 101 classes!

Happy Bathing, everyone!  ~Becky
Heirloom Soapworks Lebanon IL

Rose Amore' Valentine's Day 2014
Rose Amore’
Valentine’s Day 2014
Heirloom Soapworks bestselling soap -now with a new label!
Heirloom Soapworks bestselling soap -now with a new label!
olive soap by Heirloom soapworks
Another new label for one of our all-time bestsellers!
Flirt Handmade Soap Gift Set by Heirloom soapworks
“Build-your-Own” Gift Sets were a hit at Valentine’s Day, so we will continue them through Mother’s Day!