Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After finally getting my shopping cart, shipping and taxes working on my website, I am back in creative soap-making mode! I'm so excited!

Today, I'm working on a new soap: "White Grapefruit-YlangYlang". I've been wearing the essentail combo and I like it, but hey, you never know what that ol' saponification will do to it.
I'll keep my fingers crossed. Ylang-Ylang is so expensive, but I really like the rich, almost overwhelming floral of it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to create an avocado soap that's been "percolating" in my mind for a few weeks. It should be in my online store along with the White Grapefruit & Ylang-Ylang in about 5-6weeks. If it passes "quality control!" : )

Stay tuned...


Jennifer Young said...

Hello again! I also suffer from "tweaking".... I didn't know other people did as well! Just when I think I have it right.... I want to change it all over! I had some decent and original packaging, then someone made a comment about it maybe being a bit "craft fair" and whoosh - back to the drawing board.... something sleek? Will you be wrapping completely? Or leaving some exposed? Look forward to seeing the full final new packaging. Like the label. xo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

Oh, it's comforting to know that others suffer from CTS! (Constant Tweaking Syndrome) My packaging changed so many times from 2005-2008, I can't even remember all the versions!About my final packaging, I will wrap the soaps completely. Mine just seem to attract dust, lint, you name it, when they're in a shop. I've done the printed paper bands in the past, and they got loose. Way back when, I tried the cello bags...imagine my surprise that I couldn't smell through plastic! Hah!(Don't know what kind of super-olfactory powers I imagined that I had!)I prefer a tissue paper-ish weight of paper. I've learned that you can smell the soap really well through it. I like that. The only drawback is that it can tear if mishandled, but I haven't had much of that at all.I'm anxiously awaiting my new tissue paper; as soon as I get it I'll be wrapping soap and posting pics!Take care,S.S.