Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Packaging

I am happy to report that I think I'm finally satisfied with my new label/packaging. I'm going to try VERY hard not to "tweak". The different ribbon colors designate the different varieties of soap (as well as the back label, which includes the name and ingredients) I think I've achieved the "original" look that I was trying for. I guess we'll see how well the new packaging goes over in the marketplace -where it really matters!

Speaking of marketplaces, I've been looking at a few new retail outlets for my soap, but want to make sure they're a good "fit" with my soap. Handmade soap seems to sell well at varied shops, but I tend to be rather "picky" when looking for a shop. Friendliness and warmth are just so important to me. If I detect even slight arrogance or rudeness, they're scratched off my list -fast! There are far too many nice shop owners out there for me to waste time and energy on the ones who aren't. Today I had a mix, a couple who were very nice and receptive (not necessarily going to carry my soaps, not sure yet, but warm and friendly on the phone) and one who wasn't particularly warm or friendly. I guess it's all those years I spent in corporate sales,(having to read body language and voice inflection), but it's usually pretty obvious to me when someone isn't genuine.

Tomorrow I'm planning a Lemongrass-Honey production day. I have to stay ahead of demand. Today was slipcover-sewing day (don't ask!) Let's just say I'm really looking forward to making soap tomorrow!

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Amy Warden said...

I appreciate your comment on my blog! I think your new packaging looks great! I would call it a modern twist on vintage. :)