Friday, April 16, 2010

Oatmeal Honey Photo

Woo Hoo! A relatively productive day after all. Mulch is down and photo taken, family fed, errands run, not bad. It wasn't sunny when I took the photo, but I like how the light played off the honey...

Although this is a "fragrance free" soap, I must say that Oatmeal-Honey has a lovely scent. Almost cookie-ish. I am a big fan of maximum EO fragranced soaps, and haven't made my lil' Oatie for a while, but I missed it's simple, elegance.
This batch is definitely going back in my store! (Minus a few bars for me, of course!)

BTW, I'm not going to sell the bar that was sitting in the honey (though there's certainly nothing wrong with it) so, I thought "Why not offer it as a give-away to the first follower who posts a reply?" So there it is. I'm happy to mail this lovely out...with the stipulation that is MUST cure until May 15, 2010 before being used. Ready, set, reply!

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