Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Wow, what a week! And it's only Wednesday. Well, I've been at it again. Although I think to call what I've been up to for the last 72 hours "tweaking" would be a gross understatement.

After receiving some invaluable constructive criticism (that I requested) from a fellow soap maker, (I actually consider her one of the "Queens" of handmade soap), I spent the the last three days re-photographing my soap, (with some help from a good friend), re-designing my website banners, etc.

It really needed doing, I'm glad it's done, but I have a "background headache"...nothing horrible, just one of those dull aches. But alas, they're predicting rain for the next couple of days, so I'm headed out to the tractor to mow the yard. Actually it's great to get out in the fresh air and let my thoughts percolate, I'm not complaining, it's just interesting to me to wonder how/if you all bounce from one seemingly unrelated activity to another the way I do. It's certainly never boring!

I'm seriously considering using some natural colorants in some of my soaps. I'm just so impressed with the beauty of many of the soaps I see on the internet. While I love my soaps, I guess you could say that now I want to tweak them a bit. I've seen a few that are almost "too pretty to use" if you know what I mean. I was showing some to a friend today, and we concluded that we bould probably just set it on dispaly on our bathroom counters to look at & smell!

It's like my old custom-labeled bridal shower soaps. Most people kept them forever without opening them. I actually caught one of my sisters doing just that! Can you imagine? I had to give her some grief about it. Of course she said "I just like it and I want to keep it like it is."

Well, I won't need to worry about the "too pretty" thing with regard to my least not for a while! :)


Amy Warden said...

I'm reading your post, agreeing with how you are feeling right now. And it's only Wednesday...background headache...lots of soap stuff... But I must say your photo looks great! Even the simplest soap is appealing with the right background. ;)

TheSoapSister said...

Thanks Amy, you are so kind! Thankfully, a couple hours on the tractor & a nice hot bath with a couple drops of Ylang Ylang EO were both very therapeutic. Enjoy the remainder of your evening. I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing "soap day" tomorrow...for both of us!:)

Jennifer Young said...

Hello! I undestand how you feel. I went to your site and the thing I most love about you and your soaps is how true to yourself you are. You have a VERY clear soap philosophy. I feel I have that too. I got into this because I want to feel great NATURALLY and let other people feel great NATURALLY and you have only put valuable things in your soaps all all essential oils. I feel much the same about my soaps. I feel that the use is more important than the look.... however I am playing with natural colourants and I enjoy it. If you want any of my tips, just ask. Some info on my blog. I am still experimenting. Congratulations on your new photo, I LOVE IT... and on such a clear soap philosophy... it is admirable!! xo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

Jen, you don't know how much I appreciate your support! You GET what I'm trying to convey on my site...that NATURAL skin care FEELS BETTER!Thank you so much for understanding, I'm so happy that we share that philosophy!When I first started making soap, I didn't understand the difference between EO's and fragrance oils, so I made a couple of batches with fragrance oils that were available here locally. I learned a few things from that experience, the main thing being that having that "smell" in my home gave me headaches! Literally. I figured that if it could give me headaches, for whatever reason, I sure didn't want it anywhere near my little son or husband; I sure didn't think it would be good to put in my soap, lest others were sensitive to it as well. My best friend has really sensitive skin, and she learned over the years to avoid fragranced products 100%. However, she CAN use my EO soaps. That tells me something. I know that there are things that are natural and also toxic...BUT for me, the choice for my soaps is clear! Believe me, this was NOT always my understanding! In my younger years I didn't give a thought to ingredients. I thought "Well, they surely wouldn't/couldn't put something in there if it was bad for me!"Ah, youth! At least MY youth...I'm sure there are lots of young'uns out there who are WAY more aware than I was in my 20's and 30's.Have you read "The Truth about Beauty" by Kat James? I think you would love it!Happy Day, and thanks so much for your support! Becky

Jennifer Young said...

Hello Becky, Glad that you feel supported and that I "get you". Sometimes I feel odd in this world of artisan soaps with so many beautiful scent combinations (with fragrances) and pretty colours... but no, I am sticking to what I want as I see you do too... and just admire the others. xo Jen