Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wrapping Soap

Let me just say in front of all of you that I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER buy cheap-o off-brand tape again! Whew! I can't believe that an innocuous looking roll of tape could frustrate me to the very edge of my sanity, but it has, it did, I give up! "Uncle"!

It was $1.00 instead of $2.00 when I bought it a couple of weeks ago. It made sense to me to save money on tape. "It won't affect the quality of the product, won't even affect the look of the finished packaging, so why not try it?" she said to herself at the discount store. I actually knew it was a bad purchase the very first time I used it. But, to try to make this "lesson" stick in my brain, I forced myself to use it anyway. It wasn't so much the tape as much as it was the little "cutter". It wouldn't cut unless I would hold it just so, grit my teeth, talk to it through my clenched teeth and pull as hard as I could....if I had been trying to buy aggravation, I doubt that I could have found any more for $1.00!

I've included the photo of my "soap wrapping table" as it looks at the moment. I confess to having such idyllic images of how my fellow soap makers' work areas look. Y'all are perfectly coiffed, stylishly dressed, and working in an uncluttered my mind, at least. 'Lest you have similar ideas about me, please refer to said photo!:)

Happy Day!


Amy Warden said...

Oh dear. You should see my dining room table! In fact, I put some pictures up almost two years ago and I don't think it's changed much!Sorry you had to fight your tape. I do stuff like that too. :)

Jennifer Young said...

Well... it is a beautiful image in your mind... but my soap wrapping area looks pretty much like yours.... and I hate cheap tape too! O and cheap non-sharp scissors are just as bad... xoxo Jen