Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alkanet natural colorant -Step 1

Here we go!  I'm so excited to try this Alkanet as a colorant in my soap.  This is a photograph of the mysterious purple liquid that resulted from adding the powder to my olive oil.  I plan to let it steep while I clean my garage and run to the post office.  : )  I've poured the lye-water for my double batch of lye soap & I am forcing myself to get that big batch poured before I continue with my "playing".

I haven't decided on the fragrance yet, this will ultimately be a (hopefully) layered soap of two fragrances and two colors. (I'm hoping for some inspiration to come while I'm cleaning & running errands.)  I'll post more pics as I make this batch so you can see the color change that Jen at Jenora Soaps has assured me will happen along the way.  She obviously knows look at her lovely soaps will make that very clear!   Her all-natural soaps with color were what convinced me to add color to my soaps.  I'm just starting out on this color-thing so fasten your seat may be a bit of a bumpy ride!  Happy Skin, all!  ~Becky

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