Monday, June 28, 2010

Stampin' Soap

I wanted to show you the results of my "Making Memories" magnetic stamp set purchase.  I found this fabulous tip on the Addicted to Soap Blog.  I've tried stamping my soap before using my hubby's leather stamps, but it was really hard to put words together...letter #1 ~STAMP!~  ....letter #2 ~STAMP!~....letter #3 ~STAMP!~   Let me just say right now that I do NOT possess the patience for such an endeavor!

The stamp set is pretty cool, although I am going to have the hubby glue the letters onto a wooden block for me.  It will be more stable and hopefully the letters won't shift around at all.  There are several of each letter, so I may be able to get more than just one stamp out of this set.  Maybe next time I'll break down and have a custom stamp made, but this was so cheap compared to that! (Michael's has 40% off their stamps and stamp sets now!)

I liked the way this photo looked so much that I put it on my website header.  BTW, I'm going to try to go without "tweaking" the website for a month.  Can you even imagine that?  It's going to take a lot of "grrrrr" on my part,  but I have realized what a gigantic waste of time it can be.  I'm just never satisfied, I guess. 

Ready to make some new colored (naturally) soap.  I received my alkanet root powder, and my carrot tissue oil and boy I am just so excited to try them!  Hopefully my coconut oil will be in tomorrow, and I can get back to soaping.  I'll post my experiments ideas have really been percolating!

Happy Skin, all! 


Courtney R Beard said...

Looks Great! Hubby is going to try and help me make a custom stamp using sculpey and a resin cast . . . who knows who will win - us or the craft material!

Amy Warden said...

I saw that post about the stamps too! Still have the page bookmarked, but I've already had a custom stamp of my company logo made and I just don't have the time to stamp all of my soaps with it! Yours looks great!

TheSoapSister said...

Courtney, please let me know how the custom stamp project works. I would love to experiment with something like that someday. I thought about carving wood, but I don't know if that would work. Plus, I might hurt myself! : )

TheSoapSister said...

Amy, I think a stamp is the way to go. I have no idea what I would put on a logo, and the way I change my mind I might spend a small fortune trying to decide! : )

Courtney R Beard said...

I will let you know for sure! Our idea is following along from this tutorial don't want to use plaster of paris though, that's why we are going to try the sculpey instead.

Jennifer Young said...

Oh my god!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!! xo Jen