Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cedar Trails

"Cedar Trails to you la-la-la until we meet again la-la-la"  You have to imagine this to the tune of "Happy Trails" by Gene Autry, I believe.  Of course I'm dating myself, but some of you may know the song I'm talking about.  Isn't it just crazy how a song will get into your head and refuse to leave?  This is what happened to me today while preparing to make soap, and thinking about this newest "outdoorsy" addition to my product line.
I made some bath salts/foot soak to match for a friend of mine this afternoon.  Well, actually for her hubby, and you know there was some left over so.....someone here will probably be soaking something this evening!  My husband loves the smell of this, (cedarwood, fir needle, ylang ylang & lavender) so his feet may get dibs on the first soak.   What do you think of the color?  It's all from the goats milk, honey and essential oils.  I didn't add any colorants at al.  I think it looks really nice and masculine.  It's a bit fresh, not ready for the general public yet, but I'm really anxious to try it.                                                                                                 
My Etsy Shop Finally had a Sale!! I was really starting to wonder if I should even bother with it when "poof" out of the blue!  It seems like when I concentrate on making soap, the sales just  happen.  I wonder if anyone else finds this to be true?  Also, keep your fingers crossed, our town is thinking of starting a Farmers Market!  It would be so much fun to have a booth here locally!  I'm pretty excited about the prospect.
Gotta go make some soap.  Today it's a natural vanilla experiment that I'm expecting great things from.  Wish me luck!   Happy Skin, all!


Holly said...

I really, really like it. The color is perfect!

Jennifer Young said...

I love the colour and the texture.... very very nice. And the scent comination sounds awesome! xoxo Jen

Amy Warden said...

Looks great! Best wishes on the vanilla experiment - I'm too chicken to try, mostly because I'm afraid of utter and complete failure to find something that will actually come through in the soap. Let us know how it works out!