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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Alkanet Experience

Whew!  This soap coloring thing is pretty exciting and nerve wracking for me.  It's just all so new...

Above  right is a photo of the alkanet-olive oil when I poured it in with my solid oils.  Pretty burgundy looking.

After I added the lye-water mixture, it turned a lovely purplish-blue. (see photo below) I suppose it's the changing pH that I read about this morning.

I tried a couple of 3-layer loaves.  A white grapefruit top layer (uncolored) a lemongrass-grapefruit middle layer (colored with carrot tissue oil) and a bottom layer of my lavender-ylang ylang-lily (colored with Alkanet).  I'm not confident of the results, but I'm anxious to see them.

The last two loaves were the two colored soaps in what I hope turns out as a "lava-lamp" look.  I guess we'll all see what they turn out like tomorrow.  I'll post pictures, good or bad. : ) -Happy Skin!

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