Friday, July 2, 2010

"Lava Lamp" Loaf #1

Good Morning, Soap Fans!  The initial results of my Alkanet experiment are in:

1. The color wasn't at all what I expected. Indigo & lemon yellow...interesting.

2. I like the high contrast of the colors.

3. It does sort of have that "lava lamp" look I was going for...lots of "motion".

4.  It was fun to do. 

So, initially at least, I'm pleased.  I'm anxious to try the soap in a few weeks to make sure it's all that I expect.  

I'm going to unmould and cut the other 3 loaves in a bit, and will post pics then.
Happy Skin! ~Becky


Jennifer Young said...

Wow! You did it! Loving the contract too! This soap looks quite special and unique... I love the very subtle mix/ swirl... xo Jen! PS. I think I may have solved the purple versus blue mystery.... I created a great blue... I am going to try the same recipe in the way I think I can get purple... then I can post! Hahahah (sneaky mad-scientist laugh)

TheSoapSister said...

Love the laugh! Mine sounds like this "Bwah-hah-ha!"The other batches turned out even better, but hubby is off today and I didn't have time to take decent pics. (We're garage-saleing) I'll post photos when we get home. Good luck with your lavender, and please post pictures when you can. Your soap photos are fab! :) ~Becky

Dörte said...

ui, das ist ein tolles Seifchen geworden, ich liebe solche extremen Kontraste!liebe Grüße Dörte