Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Ink Spot" Soap

What a difference a day can make! Yesterday I was on top of the world, happy with the results of my yellow & indigo artsy loaves.  Today, well, not so much.

These make me think of the old "ink spot" psychological tests in the know, "Relax, Miranda and tell me what do you see here?"

A little freaky, eh?  I see a bunny in the top soap...looking at a penguin, maybe?  Hmmmm I wonder what that means...  Anyone else care to share what they see? I would love to hear! And "ugly soap" doesn't count. : )

Hey, I'll make it a contest!  I'll send a bar of yesterday's Lava Lamp soap to the author of the most entertaining answer. Of course, it will be rather subjective since it has to entertain me...but kinda fun, right?

Looking forward to un-moulding yet another attempt at color tomorrow.  It's a lightly olive oil-superfatted soap for oily skin/acne.   I think that's all I'll say for now...don't you hate that?   It's like a "to be continued" T.V. episode!  Grrrr!  Well, I have  to wait too, you know!  : )  Happy Skin, all! ~ Becky


Jennifer Young said...

I don't think it is ugly at all... it is UNIQUE! Is the blue from Alkanet? What a beautiful blue... and how did you ever get speckled pink???? Fascinating.... Okay my answers to your "ink-spot" or "Rorschach" test invite...1) Top soap - It is a young chinese boy wearing a Spanish bull-fighters hat, sitting cross legged in meditation pose, & bending foreward to take a bit out of a juicy pineapple...2) Soap on the Right - It is a small alien (similar to the alien on Bugs bunny) with a very round head and crab claws and only 1 leg wearing a dutch wooden shoe3) The bottom soap is the Nakin blog beautiful EYE peeking out from behind a mosaic wall...xo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

You cracked me up! I had to read these out loud to my husband! I love the young Chinese boy wearing the bullfighter's hat! I have to say that I did see "the claw", but I totally misse the Nakin eye...I hope she sees it!~Becky

Ambra said...

How funny! I think Jen takes the prize. I see the bunny and the penguin and the alien. And the eye also :)

Springvale Soap said...

I don't think it's ugly! I think it's very unique and cool looking.~Deb