Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Beauties (not soap)

I snapped a few pics of the lovely flowers that are in full bloom here in the midst of the sweltering heat and humidity.

Today, even as I type, I'm making a batch of lye soap.  That's a no-brainer, but later I hope to make a batch of  "Beach Blanket Bingo"...using my new suntan lotion-smelling fragrance oil.  I feel a bit decadant, making a custom soap for myself.  I do that for other friends and family members all the time, but I tend to use bars that are cut wrong, or have other "defects"....that's a bit silly, isn't it? 

I'm thinking of adding honey to half of the batch to get two different hues to swirl...maybe a line of cocoa in the middle -I've never tried that.  Adding the colors has certainly re-kindled the soaping excitement for me!

I'll post the results tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the flowers!

Happy skin,     ~Becky


Springvale Soap said...

I do that too, use the less than perfect bars here at home, or the experiment bars. I almost feel guilty if I dip into the good stuff. LOLCan't wait to see your Beach Blanket Bingo soap!And those flowers are lovely. Are they all yours?~Deb

TheSoapSister said...

Hi Deb,Isn't that funny? I feel guilty dipping into the good stuff, too!I just finished the "Beach Blanket Bingo" Soap, and my whole house smells like suntan lotion! I must say it's a bit overwhelming. It's funny, maybe I'm just sensitive, but fragrance oils almost always bother me. Yet essential oils never do. Thats one reason I (except on rare occasions such as this) stick with all natural in my soaps.This was fun, though, and the fragrance brings back many happy memories -I'll post pics tomorrow!Oh, and yes, those flowers are from my yard...I love 'em! ~Becky

Larissa said...

OMG, were you in my backyard?! We have those too (except the yellow ones)! Great shots!