Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Orangey Vanilla Fudge Soap (Dreamsicle revisited)

What a happy surprise I had yesterday when I decided to try my "dreamsicle" attempt.  If you recall, the color was not what I had intended, nor was the fragrance -or so I thought!

I had resigned myself to using the rather unremarkable batch myself, and it was with that intent that I took a bar to the shower last evening.

To my surprise and delight, the steamy spray and washcloth seemen to transform this shy little soap right before my, nose!

It has a rich, subtle vanilla (yet somehow fudgy) with hints of warm orange flowing through it.  Plus, the soap itself is really outstanding!

Hunh...I guess maybe I'll offer them on my website after all.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?  A soap that doesn't smell like much until you use it?   A strange, puzzling and surprising adventure, this soapmaking thing!

BTW, The vanilla scent comes from "cooking down" pure vanilla extract to a thick syrup...I wonder if the cooking is what gives it that vague chocolatey feel?   Hmmm.   ~Becky

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Amy Warden said...

Sounds like you might be on to something! Yes, I've heard of soaps that "come alive" in the shower. :)