Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Summer Fragrance I just can't Resist:

Well, I placed an esential oil order this morning...lots of fun stuff to play with soon.  Some old standbys: lavender, palmarosa & ylang ylang; as well as a couple new things to experiment with: mimosa floral wax, and vanilla absolute (wildly expensive even for the teeny-weeny size I ordered -hopefully it won't take much) I've been longing for a sweet, true vanilla scent.  

Although I stick with all natural ingredients on my website,  I do occasionally use fragrance oils for family members who want a particular scent that I can't get with essential oils.  I've recently done a soap that smells like the original "Caress" soap  (I don't know if they still make that) but it reminds me of my Grandma so much.  I know there's a great debate over natural vs. synthetic fragrances, but I can say that I never  get a headache from essential oils, and the fragrance oil soaps can give me one if I smell them too much!  I guess that should tell me something...at least about my personal tolerance.

I did order a fragrance oil the other day, though...just for ME!  I absolutely LOVE the smell of the original Coppertone suntan lotion.  It just takes me back to my childhood;  long days at the swimming pool lying in the sun, eating Laffy Taffy and Lick-m-Aid candy. (talk about artificial colors!) I've wanted that fragrance in a soap for a long time, what fun it would be to be reminded of those happy memories every day in the shower!  I must say I feel a bit weird because I believe that natural is better and healthier as a general rule....but I just love that smell!  I'm wondering if any of my "natural" soaping buddies are ever tempted by certain fragrances that you just can't arrive at naturally? 

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