Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Yellow Dock Diaries

This Mimosa-Ylang Ylang soap is going through some rather interesting & puzzling changes during the initial curing phase.   A powdery residue (not your typical top of the mold "ash") on only the brownish (yellow dock infused) areas.  Hmmm.    Being the overly curious and impatient sort, you know I had to try some, even though it's early.   (Hence the wet bar in the picture!)  The lather is noticeably different...I'm not sure if it's due to the yellow dock or the mimosa wax that's in the white part of the soap.      The lather is less "bubbly" and has more of a "treatment" feel to it.  "Slippery", maybe?    It wasn't harsh, or overly drying to either hands or face.  I'm just curious as to the origin of this residue.  I tried to capture the lather quality on film, but I don't know if it comes across.Happy skin everyone!  ~ Becky


Jennifer Young said...

Oh I wish I could help but I do not know anything about Yellow Dock... good luck. Those are some odd happenings! Natural baffles me... and I am totally addicted to the mystery... xo Jen

Ambra said...

I'm wondering if it's the Yellow dock powder. I don't know if you strained the oil after infusing. I used the fresh roots, chopped up and steeped in oil for some time. Then I strained the roots out and used the oil. Maybe a run through a coffee filter would give a more normal and pink result?The slippery feel might be from the lye. I find that really fresh soaps can sometimes feel a bit slippery. Or it could be that the lather is really creamy from the skin caressing Yellow dock :) I guess a ph test could tell. My pink soaps haven't quite finished curing, but I find that the first batch has a wonderfully soft and creamy lather, but about medium size bubbles.