Monday, July 26, 2010

Yellow Dock Results -Finally!

The results of my Yellow Dock experiment are in.  Not what I had expected, but I do like it.

Soap making, like life, is full of surprises.  Some are fantastic, some good, some just "o.k." and some are just downright disappointing.

This soap falls into my "good" category, I think.  I was attempting "pink", but instead I got this really pretty cocoa-ish color.  I like it.

I "chopped in" color in 1/2 of the batch.  (It would have been "swirled", but the white soap had started to get pretty firm by the time I had the brown soap ready!)  The other mould is just a plain layered look, which I don't mind.  (Those layered soaps alway make me think of a rich dessert, though.)

The white soap is fragranced with Mimosa floral wax, and the darker soap is made with Ylang Ylang essential oil.  I was going for an extremely floral & feminine soap, but I have to reserve forming an opinion of the fragrance until the curing is complete.....I think we all know what that can do to a fragrance!

This is really the only thing going here as far as soap is concerned.  We've been very busy just enjoying the summer, and all too soon school will start and I'll be bummed.  But for now, it's the season for less work and more play!  : )

Happy skin, y'all!



Edith said...

Hi Becky that's one pretty soap you have made and I love the fragrance too well done!

Jennifer Young said...

Once again, you have created something very unique,very Heirloom soapworks. Very very nice! xoxo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

Thanks Edith! I'll keep you posted on the fragrance as it cures!

TheSoapSister said...

Thanks Jen, I appreciate your encouraging comments! This coloring thing is really trial and error for me. The surprises are fun though, aren't they? ~Becky

Ambra said...

Isn't this fun! Love the marbling effect in the soap. I would have expected it to turn pink! Let us know if it does during curing. This looks so much like my yellow dock was at first. And do let us know about the floral was. That is so interesting.

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

I agree, soap making is full of surprises sometimes, some good and some not good at all:) nice soap! fragrance sounds lovely too!

Dörte said...

Wann WIRD Eine Seife Schön so , Wie SIE seins sollte . This mag ich sehr DOCH , SIE IST wunderbar!liebe Grüße Dörte

TheSoapSister said...

Thanks so much Dorte! I tend to like my own soaps more after a day or two...I guess by then I've let go of my expectations and relaxed about the batch. : )