Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cute Little Shavers!

Yesterday's project: Lemongrass Shaving Soaps.  Aren't they cute? Maybe I'm just giddy that they came out of the molds! : )

Do you ever get that "sinking feeling" towards the end of a new technique or procedure that it may have been nothing but a waste of time and resources?  I had that feeling this morning when it came time to un-mold.   "Hmmmmm, what if they don't come out....what if I have to dig the soap out of the mold with a knife and spoon...what if..."

Boy, those "what if's" can be killers, can't they?  How many times I fail to even try something because of those pesky "what if's"!   Which leads me to a better "what if":  "What if" I could remove all the "what if's" from my thinking?"   Now there's a "what if" to spend my time on!   I think that just for today, I'm going to give them the heave-ho!

Happy skin!  ~Becky


Jennifer Young said...

These soaps are adorable.... and oh yeah... I get the what ifs all the time... xo Jen

Michelle said...

Your soaps look great! I have to turn my hubby on to this idea of shaving soap.

Jennifer Young said...

Hello Becky, Good news is that my Tea Tree Eucalyptus soap is ready to send you. Cured 4 weeks. Tried it out on my face and I really like it. Bad news is that as far as the EOs go, I know you said you are not a big fan of stron Tea Tree scent... well the Eucalyptus has not come through much and it has a strong Tea Tree scent. I like it, however you may not. I will also sent you a few others to try out. This will be my 3rd Soap Swap! Please send me your address to: jenorasoaps@yahoo.com xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Becky, Let you know when you would like to do our soap exchange! My tea tree-eucalyptus facial soap is ready... xoxo Jen