Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For the "Over 40" Soaper

I have a new "find" that I want to share...especially with my soaping buddies who, like myself, blew past the 40-year mark a while back.
Safety glasses are a must in soapmaking, and I don't know about you all, but I have "issues" with them.  I love the clear ones, but if I lay them down somewhere I have a hard time finding them....because, well, they're CLEAR!

 The blue ones are easier to find, but even then I can't read my recipe (without standing across the room) unless I take them off & put on my readers!
Aarrgh! (Did I mention I'm OLD?)

My find?  Safety Glasses with readers built in!   Ta-Da!   Here's the website:    I'm going to order a pair today!

For my younger soaping friends, this may not apply to you now...but you may want to save this addres for the future -trust me, the "eye-thing" happens,  it's a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, but hurrah for companies who understand and cater to the over-40 crowd! : )

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Springvale Soap said...

Very cool!I'll second that on the eyes going kaput. I'm still in a bit of denial about that. It's not my eyes, it's these glasses. It's not my eyes, it's my stupid eye doctor. It's not my eyes, it's this lighting. *snicker*Where I work we are required to wear eye protection and there are some safety glasses that fit right over regular glasses. I've never used them myself but they are out there and they're cheap.I used to wear contacts so popping on the run of the mill safety glasses was not a problem, but now that I've started wearing my glasses more I've been (bad me, I know) relying on them (my glasses)as my eye protection.~Deb