Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soap "Art" from Great Cakes Soapworks

O.K. by now you all know I love pretty, artistic & unique soaps.  I try to make mine that way, but every once in a while you have brush with true artistry -something that's so cool it must be seen!

 Here's such a soap: "Almost Paradise" from Amy Warden at Great Cakes Soapworks!  Is it cool, or what?

Here's a link to her site - the story of how she made this beauty is worth the read.  A lot of effort went into this batch, and I'm so happy that it turned out so well!


Check out her other lovely creations while you're there.  She has an informative site that will be of interest to anyone who loves handmade soap.

My husband and son are equally impressed with this bar.   They both commented "That is REALLY cool!"   Which, of course, it is!  Great job Amy!


Edith said...

How lovely and summery is that soap!well done it's so different...

Amy Warden said...

Thanks, Becky! :) It's the biggest soap project I've ever taken on. Glad that at least half the bars turned out decently!