Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Process Soap -A First Attempt (post #2)

Oooh  Ooh!  It's doing what it's supposed to so far!  See that bit of translucence on the left?  That's just what the instructions say it's supposed to be doing!  I'm so excited at this point....and then....I read through the instructions one more time and realize that my shea butter should have gone in with the other fats....OOOPS!
(I thought it was going way to smoothly! LOL)  So, quick-like-a-bunny, I melt my shea butter & add it. Here you can see it's getting more translucent, and we're starting to see the shiny gylcerin here and there.  It's "cooking" some more now.  Next it's supposed to start looking like applesauce. 

So far this is fun.  I love trying something new, although I must admit to being a bit nervous.  This mixture has a very interesting feel on the spatula.  Almost "fluffy".  From the photos, it looks heavy and maybe a bit waxy, but at this point it's very light feeling.  Interesting.  I'm going to go peek now, but I'll have more later.  : )

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