Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Process Soap -A First Attempt

I'm trying something new (to me) today:  Hot Process Soap made in a slow cooker.

 SoapmakerExtrordinaire: Cocobong has a link to a great HP tutorial on her blog. (Along with a lot of other interesting stuff & fabulous photos of her soap)

Well, I'm putting these instructions to the test, and "so far, so good!"

I did the usual lye-water mix and melted my fats.
Here I am stirring them together with my stick blender (while photographing! With my right hand!  Not bad, eh?  My little photographer is back in school!)_

Next photo is of the "trace".  It really happened pretty quickly. (Maybe it's the stick blender....I usually use my KitchenAid)
It looks pretty much like the photo in the tutorial.   I must add that I'm using my CP recipe for this.  I hope it works out o.k.  

It's now "cooking" on LOW for 20-30 min per insturctions.

Uh Oh!  My timer just went off!  Gotta go check the process.   I'll post more photos as I go along. (Keeps me calmer to DO something while I wait -I don't want to rush the process!)


Cocobong Soaps said...

Soap Sister reporting LIVE! I love it, Becky :) great job on the photos, toothis is really a wonderful job for all of those who have yet to try HPing in a crockpot

TheSoapSister said...

LOL! I'm really a lot more like "Bridgett Jones" than I care to admit! At least only my hand ended up in the photos! : )