Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walker Bags?

Hello everyone.  I haven't had time to soap for the last few days.  Partly because I received an order for four walker bags!   "Huh?"

"Walker bags?" you say,  "Why Becky, I didn't know you make walker bags!" ..."What is a walker bag, anyway?"

Well, I started making them last year when my Mom had back surgery and couldn't transport even the most basic items (tissues, reading glasses, books, etc.) while using her walker.  So I made a bag that would hang on her walker and help her keep both hands where they belonged...on the walker!

Since then I've made quite a few for folks who wanted a fun, functional gift for "Grandma" -who has everything...except a fancy purse for her walker!  I've done a few custom purses using my same basic design, but with lucite handles: one for a horse lover and one for a dachsund lover.

If you would like to see more,  feel free to check out my Beck Sews Walker Bags shop.  I'm always happy to do custom orders, too.   (The Velcro straps can easily be "criss-crossed"  to carry as a regular purse  later, if necessary.)


AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

What a fantastic idea Becky! I'm sure most ladies who use a walker would just love one of these, maybe you could advertise them at a nursing home or something? Had a peep at your shop, they are beautiful, all the best. Jan

TheSoapSister said...

Thanks Jan! They're another creative outlet for me...but soapmaking is more relaxing (except when I do silly stuff, like overheating Mimosa floral wax -today Phe-ew!)I appreciate your kind words...expecially today! ~Becky

Splurge Sisters said...

What a great idea and they are too cute.