Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jenora Soaps Aloe Green Clay Soap

As you may know, Jen from Jenora Soaps and I did a soap swap a while back.  Well, I just had to post about her Aloe Green Clay soap -it's  a wonderful face soap!

My picture doesn't quite do the lather justice, but it's creamy and dense....but bubbly at the same time.  A wonderfully hard bar of soap that lasts well, even in my naturally soft well water -and it's PALM FREE!

At 47, my skin leans toward the "dry" category, but this soap was even mild enough for my old hide!  I think it would be really great for normal and combination skins as well.

 It has a tea tree aroma, but I'm not sure what other EO's she has in this one...they are combined expertly, though, for a great result. 

Thanks Jen, for sending me this one!  My face is lovin' it!

~ Becky


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Becky, I am so glad you enjoy this soap. I love your face soap as well. I am using the shaving soap as well and it lathers AMAZINGLY. I will post about it at another time. About my facial soap - I sell it, as it has green clay, for normal, combination and oily skin. It actually sold out quickly! I just made a new batch yesterday. Does it work for your type of skin? Honest feedback here. What type of skin are you? Do you have any suggestions for a facial soap for dry to normal skin? xo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

My skin is more Normal/Dry nowadays. Your soap works very well, it leaves my skin feeling really nic e. For dry/normal skin I love shea butter. Even though it's rich and moisturizing, it's also non-comedogenic -gotta love that! I've also had nice results with my shea butter-mango butter-castor oil combination. I don't make that one often enough, because it's a bit "ho-hum" to make, if you know what I mean.~Beckyp.s. We're still lovin' the Cinnamon Oat Bar- the scent lasts amazingly well!